Butterfly Valve

Concentric butterfly valve

Product overview

The soft-sealed butterfly valves produced by our company have backrest, backless, single-clip LT, double flange-lined butterfly valves, etc. with 90 degrees rotation, exquisite appearance, easy switch, reliable sealing and long service life. Flange connection standard is applicable to standard dimension connection such as national standard, American standard, German standard and Japanese standard. It is widely used in hydraulic, electric power, steel, chemical industry, paper-making, petroleum, medicine, food, natural gas, environmental protection, as the regulation and closure of pipeline fluids.
Product characteristics
Butterfly valve with backrest
The butterfly plate surface is made of nylon 11, polytetrafluoroethylene and other different cladding layers, as well as ductile iron plating, stainless steel, aluminum bronze and other metal materials. The valve seat is made of high performance rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene with different chemical and physical properties, which improves the sealing property of the product and also increases the scope of application of the product. Additionally, different materials of valve body, valve shaft, bushing and other supporting components enable the midline butterfly valve to be combined arbitrarily according to the characteristics of media and user needs.
Advanced automatic alignment technology of pinless connection and sealing pair not only ensures complete isolation of medium and metal, improves reliability of products, but also greatly reduces operating moment of butterfly valves, makes maintenance of butterfly valves simple, and the service life of butterfly valves is five times that of ordinary butterfly valves.
The exterior of the valve is coated with epoxy resin, which makes the valve not only have exquisite appearance, but also have excellent anti-corrosion performance.
Flow characteristic tends to straight line and has good regulation performance.
Soft seal structure can completely achieve bidirectional seal, gas test leakage is zero.
The flange of ISO5211 standard can be easily connected with electric and pneumatic driving devices.
The body of large size butterfly valve (> DN800) is U-shaped, the seat is aluminium backrest, the overall strength of the valve is higher, and the safety factor is greater.
This product is a new product independently designed and developed by our company. It has all the advantages of the clamp butterfly valve with backrest.
The groove connection mode is adopted for the valve body and seat to ensure the convenient and accurate connection between the valve body, seat and butterfly plate, which reduces the installation difficulty and completely solves the problem.
The problem that the seat is rubbed up and deformed due to improper installation and debugging is solved.
The groove type has high positioning strength, good accuracy, more accurate and stable interference between butterfly plate and valve seat, light opening torque and good consistency, so as to enter one.
Step by step improves the sealing performance of the valve.
The groove positioning structure basically eliminates the creeping phenomenon of the valve seat in the process of valve opening and closing, and improves the service life and reliability of the valve.

Large arc wide edge design is adopted, which is suitable for various flange connections.

Single clip LT butterfly valve

1. This product is connected by flange thread. The biggest difference with the clamp butterfly valve is that the valve body itself has corresponding connection threads, which can be used for connecting between pipelines, as well as for connecting the end of the pipeline, as an emptying use.
2. The valve body has good rigidity and can withstand high pipeline pressure. It is especially suitable for places with high safety factor requirements, such as gas chemical industry and power plant industry.
Double flanged butterfly valve with rubber lining
1. The butterfly valve is designed according to the requirements of large-scale pipeline network and belongs to the pipeline network butterfly valve. Side flange connection size conforms to the standard of flange butterfly valve connection and can be used in pipelines requiring flange connection.
2. The valve body has high strength, high safety factor and can resist high pipeline stress.
3. The valve seat adopts the structure form of integral vulcanization valve body, which has strong tear resistance and is not easy to deform.
4. Upper flange ISO5211 connection standard, according to user needs, easy to choose and match manual, electric, pneumatic and other driving devices connection.