Butterfly Valve

Eccentric butterfly valve

Product overview
This product adopts three eccentric multi-layer metal hard seal (or non-metal soft seal) structure, without mechanical wear, can achieve zero leakage, has excellent two-way sealing function. Choosing different materials and driving modes can be widely used in pipelines with different media such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, water supply and drainage, gas transmission, etc. to regulate flow, cut off or connect fluid.
Product characteristics
Three-dimensional eccentric structure, open seal is separated, close contact is sealed
The sealing surface of butterfly plate seal ring is made of soft and hard laminated stainless steel sheet and flexible graphite sheet, which has double advantages of hard metal seal and elastic seal, and has excellent sealing performance at low and high temperature.
With bidirectional sealing function, because the taper angle of the sealing surface is smaller than the friction angle of the sealing material, the butterfly plate can lock itself immediately when it is closed to the sealing position, and can withstand certain reverse pressure impact.
The sealing surface of the valve body adopts hardfacing carbide or stainless steel, so that the sealing surface has high strength, good hardness and wear resistance, and can be opened and closed more than 60,000 times without damage.
The sealing ring is clamped on the butterfly plate by a pressure plate, which is easy to install, adjust and replace.
Fire-proof structure, all-metal structure itself has the characteristics of fire safety
Flexible, labor-saving, convenient and reliable operation. Connection modes include flange, butt clamp, butt welding and lug butt clamp. It can not only cut off the medium, but also arbitrarily adjust the medium flow rate.