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  • Water Seal Gate Valve

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    Water-sealed gate valves are suitable for nominal pressure 100 MPa, working temperature 425 C, working medium for water, steam, oil and non-corrosive gas pipelines as opening and closing devices, especially for steam turbine vacuum condensation system in thermal power plants. Water-sealed gate valves: pressure is PN16-PN160, 150LB-900LB steel cut-off valves are suitable for pressure 1.6-25MPa/2.0-15.0MPa. In the pipelines of oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and electric power industries with working temperature of - 29 ~+550 ~C, the suitable medium is water, oil, steam, acidic medium, etc. The materials are usually cast steel WCB, stainless steel CF8 (M), CF3 (M), forged steel A105, F304 (L), F316L, etc.

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