• V230T06
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  • V230T06 Self-operated Temperature Regulating Valve

    ※ Product Overview

    V230T06, V231T06, V230T17 and V231T17 self-operated temperature control valves are heating type, which are composed of control valves and a temperature controller with fixed-point regulation. Applicable to non-corrosive liquids, gases and steam. Temperature control in various heating systems. When the temperature of controlled medium rises, the control valve closes.

※ Product Details

The main characteristics are as follows:

1. It has the function of pressure balance and high sensitivity.

2. Low noise, reliable performance, free from maintenance;

3. Using standard modular design;

4. The imported fixed-point regulator is reliable in quality and has the function of over-temperature protection.

5. Multiple combinatorial control can be carried out by means of combination components.