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  • Electric And Pneumatic High Pressure Regulating Valve

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    Our company has long been committed to the production and research of high pressure, high temperature and other special regulator valves. The electric and pneumatic high pressure regulator valves produced are mainly used in high pressure, high temperature and high pressure pipelines, which can change the flow of fluid medium (liquid, gas, gas-liquid mixture, steam), so as to achieve the pressure and flow of the medium and other process parameters. Adjustment. The main difference between the valve and the ordinary control valve is that the shell material with high temperature and pressure resistance, the inner material with high temperature and pressure resistance, cavitation resistance and air defense, and the more precise manufacturing process are used. According to the specific working conditions of users, it adopts single-stage and multi-stage depressurization type to minimize the flushing and noise of the fluid, so as to achieve stable regulation of the fluid and improve the service life of the valve itself. Therefore, the valve has the advantages of complex structure, stable performance, reliable operation, large allowable pressure difference, low noise and tight closure. It has been widely used in automatic regulation and remote control of industrial processes such as petrochemical industry, power station, metallurgy, etc.

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