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    ※ Product Overview

    DN25-DN250(1’-10’) Wafer、flange DN300-DN500(12’-20’) Flange Class :DIN PN10、PN16、PN25、PN40、PN63、 ANSI150、ANSI300、ANSI600

※ Product Details

DN25-DN250(1’-10’) Wafer、flange DN300-DN500(12’-20’) Flange

Class :DIN PN10、PN16、PN25、PN40、PN63


Design  standard

1、Flange standard:GB/T9113.1-2010、JB/T79.1-1994、HG20592-2009ASME B 16.5 EN 1092.1:2001

2、Pressure-temperature rated valve:GB/T12224-2007 ASME B16.34-2003ISO7005-1

3、Face to standard;wafer;enterprise standard,Flange:ISAA75.04-1995,IEC/DIN534-3-2

4、Temperature range:-29℃-150℃Normal temperature type,-29℃-250℃ Medium temperature type,-29℃-500℃ High temperature type

5、Standard  and Strength test:

Strength and Seal test standard:GB/T4213-2007

Hard seal class:comply with standara GB/T4213-2007V grade peruser’srequest,otherwise follow the below table standard.

Strength test pressure conducted with 1.5 times of the nominal pressure,packing and flange sealing tests with 1.1 times of nominal pressure,valve seat seal is tested according to the maximum differential pressure,when the maximum differential pressure in undefinde,conduct the test(hydraulic pressure)with a pressure of 1.0Mpa,when the maxinmun differential pressure less than 0.6Mpa for pressure test.medium for the test is water with corrosion inhibitor.

Seat  maximum allowable leakage 

Soft seat:0.6MPa 0.6MPa compressed air ,no leakage

Hard seal seat:

1.Comply with client’s request

2.According to GB/T 4312 V grade for without special request ,and the definite leakage is as the table below.